The (talented) fuel behind our fire

Our breed of people is what truly sets us apart from other leading agencies. The Firedog team is built on the bedrock of our values. Expect cultured talent, visionary thinking and a sincere friendly character from each team player.

At Firedog, we match strategically led creatives with a truly responsive and confident client management team. The numbers are split roughly in half bringing you a good mix of great product and great service. Again, there is a healthy mix of old school strategy and new school technology practitioners, forming a potent creative mix.

Core Firedog team: Meet the team below and have a little peek at who you may be working with in the future.

Working with the Firedog team

Our ‘boutique’ positioning allows us to maintain a team of highly-experienced full-time staff, but also enables us to freely collaborate with specialist teams. This means that we can consistently deliver beyond clients’ expectations, but within the prescribed budget. These resources are then transparently included as a cost to the overall project.

Keen to join the team?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. The minimum requirement for our freelance designers is a Graphic Design degree from a universally-recognised art school or college, and a Masters degree is preferable. We offer graduate scheme programmes, as well as freelance positions. If you like what you see and you think you’ve got the skills, why don’t you get in touch?

Want to get involved? Find out who you’ll be working with, and the way in which we work.


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