RE • CM | Brand Identity

Brand Identity


Firedog created an exciting visual identity system by documenting an entire creative process through the medium of sculpture.

icould | Brand identity

Brand identity


A bright engaging identity created for the icould portal, a non-profit initiative geared around career stories

Rocudo | Brand Identity

Brand Identity


A moody identity created for an awesome piece of music technology

The BHA | Responsive website design and build

Responsive website design and build


A website design and build for horse racing's governing body | Brand Identity

Brand Identity

A urban identity created for a very cool music technology business, geared to selling the best in digital and electronic music

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Bouygues UK | Online identity

Online identity

Bouygues UK

A visual identity and website build for Bouygues UK - A large construction business operating both nationally and internationally

Strategy & Planning

With our primary capabilities, branding and digital media, it’s important to stress how strategy matters so much to both. Firedog has, from day one, always flown the strategy flag. With a good pragmatic head on our shoulders, we are so much more than just a design studio.

A core reason for using an agency of our calibre is the added value we bring to your team when it comes to working on your business. We ask difficult questions of you, stress testing your logic and business plans. Our clients realise, in order to truly succeed in business, it’s a case of fail to plan leads to plan to fail.


Nobody gets anywhere useful without asking for directions. And no business operates without customers or clients. They are your most important asset, so make sure you listen. We have managed numerous research projects, getting under the skin of what makes your audience buy into your business. We create integrated research plans across a number of levels; from digital quantitative research addressed to a large audience or focussed qualitative research, either one-to-one or in small groups. There are always the perceptions you know that are out there. But it’s those little business truths that will put you ahead of the competition.


Armed with the market knowledge, we are able to create the framework on which your brand message is carried. We look at your market sector and your competitive threats – and subsequently create a brand which is geared to ensure a memorable experience, both offline and online. We get under the skin of your business, conducting a visual audit of your identity. If you are a complicated corporate animal, we can break new markets and offers by consolidating your business with a solid brand architecture. We give you a strategic roadmap, isolating your values, your mission and ultimately your vision. All this thinking work is wrapped up in a key recommendations document, so that we can lay the foundations for your brand’s future.


We develop the key messages which clearly communicate your point of difference to your audience. We breed fans of your word. We facilitate dialogue and brand engagement via hard working written statements. We unearth your values, using human qualities to cut through the glut of corporate diatribe, so common with the market today. We make sure you are speaking the right language for the right ears. After all, you want nothing to stand in the way of growing your business.

In communication

And best of all, because we are geared to roll-out your brand, you end up with a clear cohesive message – from initial thought through to creative delivery, all with one agency.


Creative consultants

More than mere account managers, the client support on your team is designed to empower your brand with a clear strategic edge.