The original website had a number of key issues. We undertook an initial audit of the entire site and unearthed fundamental navigation issues and natural flaws that you would expect from an old website Once the initial issues were found and solutions proposed, we wanted to turn our attention to making the site more interactive and inspiring to the target audience Before starting the build process, the site is mapped out in full. The elements of the site that interact with each other are realised in theory Time to turn theory into practice. We built an interactive wire frame that our client is able to use as a proof of concept and gain an understanding of how the site will eventually come together We developed two distinctive concepts for the British Racing School. We explored the essence of horse racing - not the glamour, but the hard work and dedication needed to succeed We commissioned a photoshoot to build an authentic imagery basis for the digital brand The imagery is also meant to inspire and excite, as well as giving an honest portrayal of the hard work required to succeed The homepage indents to filter the audience quickly to specific high traffic areas of the site Both this page and the site as a whole are incredibly interactive. Here, users filter courses by interest, course length and discipline The resposnive design aids readability with simple amends such as larger text and clear content separation The site is totally responsive and adapts to any digital environment On mobile, buttons and text resize to be more easily clicked and navigated Regardless of the page content, the mobile site is quick and easy to use Across the site, results have been excellent, SEO in particular, with over 40% more traffic coming to the site via organic search. Part of our brief was to make the site more approachable on mobile devices, we are now reporting 30% higher usage times on mobile.